What I’m doing now

I’m currently in Melbourne. I usually tweet from major events and conferences here.

Overwhelm. The last 1 – 2 months have been full with moving house, graduating, planning, meetings, organising, writing, strategising and preparing. I ended up in chronic decision fatigue, and in peak overwhelm. Things that were meant to be fun stopped being fun, and everything outside of work and projects was put on the back-burner. I was forced to think critically about how to regain and maintain balance. This has resulted in me pulling back from some projects and carefully curating my calendar to block out time both for work, but also for rest. I’ve also decided to say ‘No’ to all projects in November in line with Derek Sivers’ “Hell yeah or no” policy. No new initiatives will be taken on, and all initiatives in-flight will be set up so they require no attention. Objective for the month of November: to feel bored.

Tomorrow (August 10) National Science Week kicks off,  and students in 20 schools across Australia will take to their school grounds seeking, swabbing and sampling plastics in their environment to see if they can find plastic-degrading bacteria as part of The Hunt for the Plastic Eaters. Every state and territory will be scoured and the specimens sent to us in Melbourne for processing at the BioQuisitive citizen science laboratory. Excited to beam into their schools to answer questions today, and see what our youngest scientists find over the coming weeks! The hunt is part of Science Gallery Melbourne’s DISPOSABLE exhibition.

The SWAG (STEM Wills Advisory Group) had their inaugural meeting last month. Twenty-five exceptional and diverse STEM professionals came together in the office of Peter Khalil MP to discuss mentoring, policy and where the gaps lie. The group is working in 2 streams; one to develop a STEM mentoring initiative in the electorate, one to review and write key STEM policy. Incredibly excited to see the group forming and to see their updates at our next general meeting in October. The SWAG initiative flies under the banner of the STA STEM Ambassador program.

Upcoming events: 

  • Now – October: Hunt for the Plastic Eaters collaboration with BioQuisitive and Science Gallery Melbourne for DISPOSABLE and National Science Week
  • August 20 – September 5: Research trip for ‘Love’ project (Malaysia, Croatia, Singapore and Turkey)
  • September 18 – 29: In Sydney to attend a conference, a wedding and research for ‘Love’ project (working remotely, free a/h)
  • October 2: SWAG second general meeting
  • October 30: STEAM Quarterly for Wills – Intro to Government Edition (stay in the loop by joining our mailing list or the Wills STEAM and Politics Community Network Facebook page)
  • November 24 – 28: Attending and presenting at Science Meets Parliament at Parliament house, Canberra
  • NO-vember: To maintain balance, no additional projects or commitments will be taken on for the month of November


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